Our Friends

ZANEWS is the home of Puppet Nation ZA – South Africa’s award-winning satirical puppet show, and a great place to get some laughs whilst keeping up with what’s happening in South Africa and the world.

The first satirical ZANEWS video was made back in 1999 when producer Thierry Cassuto and award-winning cartoonist, Jonathan Shapiro (Zapiro) decided to build a Nelson Mandela puppet. The producers took the idea to the SABC, with the hope that ZANews would be aired on national TV. Long story short – vibes were good at the start, a full half-hour pilot was made a few years later but the plug was eventually pulled by the SABC (and a mysterious invisible hand).

Not to be TKOed by the first blow, in 2009 the producers managed to convince low-cost airline Kulula and the Mail&Guardian to sponsor the show, and the first season was launched online at a time when video over the interwebs was still in prehistoric age in South Africa.

Fast-forward to 2012, when not only did we manage to finally make it to television thanks to our friends at StarSat, but we launched a way bigger website, the “ZANEWS Network”, meant to be the online portal for quality South African satire. This is where you are now, by the way. The site hosts our weekly episodes and daily videos shows as well as the best satirical columns, cartoons and user-generated content. Awesome.

The Daily Maverick is a unique blend of news, information, analysis and opinion delivered from our newsroom in Johannesburg, South Africa. There are many ways to describe exactly what we do (and for the price of a cup of coffee we’ll talk your ears off about it), but the best way to understand the end result is to experience it. Every part of The Daily Maverick is free-to-air and no-payment-required, although free registration is required for a small subset of functions and pages.

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